It's a fact that these days films for business (corporate videos, image films, TV commercials) are powerful marketing tool for businesses of any size.


A few years ago only a limited number of Russian companies following their foreign colleagues' successful experience used to choose video content as a tool to promote a product or service, increase sales or enhance the image of a business. Nowadays due to increasing pace of life and rapid technological growth video has moved from a "nice to have" to a "must have". Because people remeber:

Nothing is able to get and keep your audience's attention better than a high-quality audio-visual presentation, whether it's a film about your company, its product / service made for external communications ( with clients or partners of a company ) or it's a video made for internal use only ( HR-films, trainings, instructions etc.).

Watching videos online has become a mainstream activity all over the world and Russia is not an exception., in partnership with comScore, Ernst and Young, TheNextWeb, Media3 and other partners, has released a report exploring the Russian online-video market. According to the report Russia has the second largest online video audience in the world and its web users watch, on average, 157 videos per month. Watching videos online in Russia now is not only an entertainment, but the most popular, easiest and fastest way to learn something new, get an information, to make a buying decision. That's why this market is growing rapidly - by 18% per year, and online video is becoming the most effective way to promote your business.