The winner of The Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival 2013.


Fantastic buildings of the Russian constructivist era, and three Moscow citizens who use these buildings to pursue their big dreams. Vsevolod renovates an architectural heritage building, Elena demonstrates to keep her apartment block alive and Donatas strives to be an avandgarde-artist. The buildings they live in or live for are more than a backdrop. They are the trigger for these fights. A film about how to deal with historic and personal utopia.



In co-production with Kloos & Co Medien GmbH.



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1956 + 56 = THINK TWICE


A documentary about a heroic ascent of the Northeast Spur of Muztagh Tower, perhaps the most difficult technical climb in the Karakoram. The ascent was made by three Russian mountaineers - Sergey Nilov, Dmitry Golovchenko and Alexander Lange, and was dedicated to the memory of Pavle Kozjek - 

a Slovenian mountaineering pioneer and a photographer who died on 25th of August 2008 when trying to climb Muztagh Tower. Five years after the tragedy Kozjek's friends made his dream come true and reached a peak of the mountain. The trio bacame the first Russian alpinists to make an ascent of Muztagh Tower. Later they commented on the climb: "It's never been this hard".


7273 meters, 17 travel days, 12 of them in bad weather conditions, uniquely difficult route. Video-diary of one of the six best ascents of 2012 according to the most annual world mountaineering award - The Golden Ice Axe.


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Russian Alcatraz - that's how a high-security prison for the death-penalty inmates located on the Ognenny Ostrov (Fire island) in Vologda Region is popularly called. Like its more famous American cousin, Alcatraz, the prison is surrounded by water. A medieval monastery in the past, in the last 20 years it's been a place to hold the country's most dangerous prisoners. Vologodskiy Pyatak or simply Pyatak is a fortress from which no one has ever escaped in living memory.


A film shows one day in a prison officer's life watching over the prison aborigines. 


In co-production with documentary production studio "Ostrov".



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The film is the second film in documentary series about the most famous Russian prison for the death-penalty inmates - Pyatak.  


The documentary is an honest, shocking confession of three long-term prisoners telling and directing their stories to all young criminals which are kept in juvenile correctional facilities in Russia. The main goal of the film was to lower a number of second offences among young prisoners.


"Talk about life" became part of a successfull social project and was included into compulsory educational programme in all juvenile correctional facilities in Russia.



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